December 2011

We have Sasha at home now for almost a whole year. She's grown! She's becoming a real "Madammeke". Check out her latest pictures are in the "Sasha's latest" gallery.

November 2011

We bought another house! It has three bedrooms and is a bit more spacious that our current house. We'll be moving in by the end of Decemnber. Pictures are in the "New House" gallery.

March 2011

Sasha blew out her first birthday cake candle! New pictures of her are in the "Sasha at home" gallery.

November 2010

And then there were three ... Our long standing wish to have a child has finally been fulfilled.
On 9 Nov 2010, we became the legal adoptive parents of Sasha Yelena Spijker.
Sasha was born on 14 Feb 2010 (yes, Valentine's day) in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. After having spent a total of 7 weeks in 2 trips in Karaganda, a wonderful experience, we all arrived back home on Christmas Eve. Sasha is healthy and we're having a lot of fun together.

January 2008

Added some family snapshots in the Kerst 2007 gallery.

October 2007

Added more photo's to the photo awards gallery.

March 2007

Added the photo awards gallery.

Aug 2005

Moved the site to Please update your bookmark/favourite.
Familie reunion pictures added.

Sept 2001

We got married on 21 Sept 2001. Photographer Roger Sands won an Award of Excellence with this picture.